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This is a blog to document the progress on a Minecraft texture pack I'm making in the style of Gearbox Software's Borderlands.

I plan on iterating on these textures so feedback is very much appreciated. Let me know what you think through comments and/or email. Thanks!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Borderlands 2 Released!

What a wonderful Tuesday! Borderlands 2 is out today in the U.S.!

I wanted to thank all of you guys for keeping up with Bordercraft so far. I wanted to take to the time to make an update.

In honor of the release of Borderlands 2, I will release the updated Bordercraft before the first Borderlands 2 DLC. I wanted assure you guys, that yes, it is in progress. I am super excited to show you guys the new stuff and I can't wait to hear about what you think. I'm in the process of improving a lot of existing textures in the pack as well. I am aiming for it to look even better, just as my art has improved since I last worked on this texture.

Thank you guys very much! See you soon!



  1. Awesome! The game looks fantastic, really appreciate you making this for all of us ^_^ I've been using BDcraft in the meantime, but it's just not the same.

    Glad to see the game is getting great reviews, my friends tell me it's awesome. I hope to be able to pick it up whenever it's on sale. Unfortunately, Torchlight II is the only game I can afford to get this year.

  2. Ash, I just want to say : you make my day !

  3. mind telling us when the dlc release date is? XD

  4. YAY! ^^
    I've been playing BL2 and you guys dat an awesome job!
    You've put minecraft in Borderlands 2, now we're just waiting for Borderlands 2 in Minecraft. <3
    And for those who don't know, the DLC comes 16 October. ;)

  5. I just want to start out saying I am a huge fan of the Bordercraft texturepack and both Borderland games. I wanted to make a suggestion for something to work on involving textures. I would love you see your texturepack cover the Tekkit world with its clean, comic book style, greatness. It is one, if not, the most popular mod in the minecraft world. It is huge so it would be a great project, but I'm sure being able to say that you have a texturepack that matches it would make it worth it. I bet even the Yoggscast might use it in one of their Tekkit videos they post every week, they already do Let's Play: Borderlands 2. I would understand not doing this because it is such a huge thing to conquer but I think it would be very cool to be able to play my favorite texturepack with my favorite mod.

    Here's a link to the launcher with the mod I am mentioning.


    The Tekkit modpack is a server mod and does not have as many items, the Technic modpack is single player and has many more mods.

    Thank you for your time.

  6. Nice! Can't wait for the update. I need a reason to get back into minecraft again.

  7. Well... the first DLC is out, still no update.

  8. Um, folks, they're still working on three more DLC packs. Besides, since this is a personal project and free, you don't exactly have a right to rush them. It's not like there aren't any other texture packs out there. For now, try BDcraft.

  9. I understand that there are 3 more DLCs coming out. I am sure that they are busy and I know that this is a personal project. I would probably even pay for it, if they would keep it up to date. I do use BDcraft. None of this was my point about the update. I dont even mind that they said - and I will quote - "I will release the updated Bordercraft before the FIRST Borderlands 2 DLC." I just want them to let us know what is going on. If they are still working on it, if they havent had time to work on it, if they are going to continue to work on it? I am sure you get my point, or you wouldnt have still be checking to see if they said anything either.

  10. Hey guys!

    I'm still working on it. I only get weekends to work on it and consequently, I was very sick the past two weeks so I had absolutely no time for it. :(

    The first DLC really snuck up on me too. I'm currently aiming for end of October.


  11. Take your time ! Because the new update for minecraft is comming tomorow, and the pack need new texture for the new bloc and creeps !

  12. Ashley, I really appreciate the work you've done on this. I hope life is treating you well and that you have more happy faces than sad.

    Did I mention how freaking amazing Borderlands 2 is?

  13. Thank you soooo much. BL2 is great. I dont mean for you to rush, or to make you feel you owe us anything as far as a timeline or telling us why it wasnt out yet. It is just nice to hear from you after the DLC was released.

  14. I bought Borderlands2 (for Xbox)
    And i'm exitetd about playing it when it arrives,
    so i can wait a bit longer for my favorite minecraft texture pack....

    Take a litte rest,
    thanks for your work
    and i hope to see a glorious texturepack soon....

  15. big fan, i wonder the overall theme will be... dirt poor bandit(wooden doors,raggy beds, and open torches.) or high tech corp style, (metal doors, fancy future beds, and closed lighs). Hope you know what i mean. (hoping for future style)

  16. Hei, when do you finish the new version of bordercraft? All the people of world are waiting for the new release of Bordercraft!! Come on, finish your work PLEASE è.è

  17. I don't mind waiting for the update, I just like to get the little status updates about what is going on :)

  18. I agree Ryzu. I said this same thing back mid October. It really isnt that it hasnt been released yet, but about hearing something from the creator. They said they were aiming for the end of October and here we are a month after that with no word.